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The roof of the house is an important aspect of the building, and also oozes the style and look of the house. We’ve come quite far since those old Spanish style roofs(that are no doubt still in demand). Today homeowners demand style and comfort when building or renting homes.

How would you know what’s suitable for your house’s roof? Should you go for green roofing or cool white roofing? Should you construct a solar panel rooftop? What’s in, in roofing?

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Here are some of the latest roofing trends to look out for.

  1. Green Roofing

Are you a nature lover person? Well, then Green roofs are the best option for you! A green roof offers a rainwater buffer, reduces the temperature, filter the air, maintains the indoor temperature, saves energy and improves biodiversity in the city. Isn’t it like so many things under one roof?

  1. Tiles Roofing

If you have a different taste, a traditional shingle roof style is not going to content your urge for a “discerning” style. Perhaps, the Roof tiles are more stylish and durable than asphalt shingles. Plus, the Tile roofs are resistant to frost, water, fire, insect damage, and wind.

  1. Solar Roofing 

 Solar roofs are more expensive upfront but quite durable. With far more folks looking for ways to save energy, the cost of solar roofing materials is decreasing. South-facing solar panels are an excellent option for the majority of a householder.

Some of the significant advantages of solar roofing are as follows:

  • Less reliance on fossil fuels and foreign oil.
  • It is pollution-free as well as emits no greenhouse gases after setup.
  • Less maintenance is required because solar panels last for more than 30 years.
  • It is less dangerous than conventional electric current
  • No trenching is required because the solar can be installed near the installation site.
  • Aesthetics will improve, making solar extra versatile than older models; for example, flexible, printing solar shingles, and so on.
  • Rights to survive grid-free if the generated power is sufficient for the building/home.
  • Suntuf Polycarbonate Roofing Panels 

 Polycarbonate Panels are an excellent choice for bringing outdoor covered projects to life. Suntuf Corrugated Roofing is lightweight, extremely durable, and simple to install. It can cover almost every type of outdoor frame for more outdoor living space shelter or storage.

With three standard colors and five specialty color schemes to choose from, you can find the perfect combination of transmittance, diffusion, and tint. Suntuf is practically indestructible, up to 20 times stronger than fiberglass, and delivers the best hail protection. It is available in translucent or transparent products. It is resistant to snow extreme low/high temperatures (-40 to 100° C). Suntuf’s UV protection shields you from harmful rays.

  • Lighter Roof Colors

The days of dark grey/ black shingles are pretty much gone. Whereas these colors will not be entirely out of style, you can expect to see more homeowners opting for lighter tone roofing options, irrespective of the material.

 Light-colored roofing options include warmer blues, soft greens, off-white taupes, and beiges. There are multiple advantages to having a light-colored roof. For example, a light or soft-colored ceiling can help to create a lighter home exterior. It can also keep your home nicer by reflecting the UV rays instead of absorbing heat.

  • Flat Roofs

While it may appear strange, flat roofs are another famous roofing design to keep an eye on. Sloping these flat roofs instead of angular sides creates a more contemporary look.

Some of the factors to consider flat roofs are that, as previously stated, they allow for a minimalistic yet modern home exterior. Compared with other types of roofs, it is cost-effective for new housing. Aside from that, flat roofs are more adaptable in terms of support. They can support and enable solar panels, become a green roof or even a rooftop deck.

  • Cool Roof Style

Some states, such as Virginia, Utah, California, New Mexico, and Texas, receive a lot of heat, which somewhat makes it quite hot, but it also accelerates the deterioration of a roof. Therefore you may need to find a Falls Church roofer if you’re in Virginia because there is a desire for – and a requirement for – roofing that reflect sunlight. Here is where cool roofing comes into play.

Cool roofing comes in various forms, the most common of which are light tiles and reflective paint. Both operate in the same manner. They reflect the Sun’s light, which helps keep the house cooler and the A/C system from working as hard. It will keep the house cooler and also extend the life of the ceiling, which is a money-saving benefit.

  • SILICONE Coated Roof

Silicone-coated roofs are a roofing trend that you may not have noticed much yet. It is an excellent option for homeowners who wish to upgrade their roof style without replacing it entirely.

Silicone roof coatings allow the new coat to an existing roof to add durability and change the color. The only double coating is required to create a leak-proof impermeable layer that will not crack or deteriorate when introduced to the Sun’s UV rays.

Which Roof Design withstands High Winds?

Researchers attempt to determine which house roof shape and types best suitably withstand hurricanes and high winds. While no roofing style or material promised to withstand a severe storm. However, researchers suggest that a home with a multiple panel roof and a square floor plan withstand storms well.

Final Thoughts!!!

The roof is what connects your entire house and genuinely protects from harsh climate. Perhaps, new and trendy roofing designs attract everyone, whether you demand an entirely new roof or want a new and fresh ceiling look. While nothing is certain, these are among the various roofing trends you may encounter in the coming year. Some are pretty simple, while others are more sophisticated, but they are all attractive options for enhancing your home.

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